Welcome to Para Modules

This documentation provides the installation, compilation and running of various Para Modules

What Are Paramodules

Para Modules are modules that provide extra features to the Alfresco platform.

Para Modules are Parashift's way of making Alfresco better by providing enhanced functionality that empower users and administrators with the ability to meet their ECM requirements.

All modules are provided in both Source and Binary form and include instructions on how to compile, install and use.

Where can I get help?

Parashift offers support contracts which have an attached SLA. You can sign up for a support contract by contacting us.

We also provide issue trackers for each of our modules via our gitlab server. You will be given access to the issue tracker and source code when you subscribe to one or more of our paramodules.

If you don't have an active support contract, or you don't have a valid Gitlab account then you can contact us here: https://www.parashift.com.au/contact/